Nikki Bella: Why I Thanked John Cena In My WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Speech

The Bellas were inducted into the Hall Of Fame earlier this year

Nikki Bella has explained that she thanked former fiancée John Cena in her Hall Of Fame induction speech because of the belief he had in her in WWE.

Bella and Cena had a very public relationship which came to an end in 2018 after six years together, with the former WWE Divas champion surprising some fans when she thanked Cena during her and sister Brie's induction into the Hall Of Fame in April.

Bella has now said she is genuinely grateful to Cena for his help during their time working together and wanted to recognise that.

Speaking on Entertainment Tonight, she said: "I didn’t think anything about it because when you’re in those moments at the Hall of Fame, you really look at your career and you’re like, ‘Who was there, who helped me along the way?'

"So much of the time people will talk about themselves, and for me, I look at my career and I know that wasn’t just because of me. It was Brie [Bella], it was the Bella army, it was the producers, all the people that believed in me, and John was a big part of that.

"He really helped me be that fearless side and showed me a part of that world that I never saw before. I think just because you have breakups or whatever it may be, doesn’t mean you can’t thank those people and just truly be so grateful for the help that they had."

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