NJPW To Launch US Subsidiary 'New Japan Pro Wrestling Of America'

New Japan To Run Live Wrestling full-time Stateside...

New Japan Pro Wrestling have revealed plans to expand into the United States.

In a mystery press conference held at 3 pm local time, New Japan laid out their plans to expand their operation by launching a subsidiary of NJPW across the US.

Here is a list of things we learned during the press conference:

  • New Japan has been hunting for talent and running events in the US as part of the first two phases of this expansion. Phase three is establishing a subsidiary in the US.

  • NJPW Of America will run in the West Coast, Texas, the South East and the Mid-areas with live tours through cities in those areas.

  • The plan is to run US tours between Japanese tours, but there may be the odd occasion where they run simultaneously.

  • They talked about their strong relationship with AXS TV but are looking at other partnerships moving forward with regards to TV. They also will air US live events on New Japan World "wherever possible. Where that isn't feasible, they will be available VOD on delay".

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