NWA Signs Multiple TV Deals With A 'Top 20 Network'

The NWA is heading to a top TV network

Things could be looking up for the NWA, according to Billy Corgan, as the promotion has signed two new TV deals.

When speaking on Busted Open Radio, Corgan revealed that the NWA would be soon appearing on a “Top 20 network”, though he didn’t reveal who the company had signed TV deals with just yet, instead stating that an announcement would come soon. 

"I have to be a bit vague because there's some other political aspects to this but I can now say that we finally have signed not just one but two television deals, and that announcement as far as where and who will be coming soon. But we finally now will be able to move off YouTube, not exclusively because we want to still do stuff on YouTube, but we now will be moving (to) a network partner.

"I have to be vague, I can't say who but I can say it's a top 20 network. I'm very excited, I've been working on this for over a year. Like I said, not just one but two television deals are involved. Two totally different wrestling-related products we will be offering in 2024."

Corgan would go on to speak unfavourably about the NWA being on YouTube, detailing how bad of a partner they are to professional wrestling. He detailed difficulties with advertisements, and how content creators are suffering too. 

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