NWA To Expand In 2023

Billy Corgan aims to grow NWA over the next year

Billy Corgan has been in charge of the NWA for five years now and has weathered the historic promotion through several storms whilst attempting to expand the organisation.

As Corgan enters his sixth year in charge of the NWA he aims to further expand the company, telling NBC Sports Boston:

“Would love a TV deal, working on that as we speak. Next year we’re going to five pay-per-views a year, as opposed to four, and we will shoot more often, so it will be a little bit more compressed in our television schedule. So definitely upping the content. I think we’re currently doing about 100 hours a year, and will be up to about 120 next year, so we’re expanding. It’s all good, I’m very excited. I’m very positive about the future,” said Corgan.

Formerly involved with TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, Corgan came into the NWA in 2017 with a 20-year plan, with Corgan revealing that some were sceptical about his plans: 

“And you know, when you tell people, like when I bought the company five years ago, I told them ‘Look, I have a 20-year plan.’ And they go, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, 20-year plan, sure.’ And then when they don’t see it stuff happen magically, they go ‘Oh yeah, so much for the 20-year plan.’ I think now, people are starting to see I’m serious about the 20-year plan. And when people say, ‘What’s the goal?’ The goal is to bring the NWA back up to international prominence, where you can look and say they are competing at the highest levels with the biggest companies in the world. And look, let’s just play this game with me for five seconds, okay? So far, the NWA is completely self-funded by myself, I’m the 100% owner of the company. If somebody came along, let’s pretend somebody just dropped out of the sky and said, ‘Hey, I love what you’re doing. I want to be in business with you. I’m a billionaire and I got all this money to blow. I want to be in the wrestling business, let’s go.’

“You can see quite readily, with the right resources and with the right television partners, whether they be digital or terrestrial broadcasting, the right application of funds, the NWA would go up like a rocket. Because it’s already built. It’s not like I have to build it, it is built. It is ready to go. And everybody that I’m talking to on the TV side recognises that it’s ready to go. So all of the questions and all of the negotiations are about what do you want, what you need, what are you looking to do? But they’re taking it seriously because I built it, you know? It’s like the Field of Dreams thing, I have built it, or rebuilt it, and so everybody in the television side recognises that it’s ready to go. So now it’s just a negotiation of what happens in the next 12 to 36 months, about who will be in business and what we’ll do? And at the end of the day, if it doesn’t work the way I want in this version of the world, but it continues to grow, I will continue to put more of my own resources into it, and it will grow that way. So either way, we’re going to win.”

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