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Pat Buck Reveals Why He Joined AEW Following WWE Exit

Pat Buck explains why he signed with AEW after leaving WWE

After three years with WWE, producer Pat Buck left the company following WrestleMania 38, noting that he wanted to spend more time with his family after achieving everything he wanted to as a backstage agent. 

Buck wasn't out of work for long, though, as he started working for All Elite Wrestling a few days later, beginning with the April 6 episode of Dynamite.

Buck has also since returned to the squared circle and following a recent match against Joey Janela in Wrestle Pro, the 39-year-old revealed why he decided to join AEW after departing WWE.

"Three years ago, in this very arena, which is also my school, I said goodbye to you [the fans] for a major opportunity. I was blessed to be with WWE for three years, as a producer, as an agent, helping mould the minds of talent and being part of moments I'd never be a part of, but I missed this school too much and I missed two of my families," Buck began.

"My first one, my darling wife Lauren, she's here with the baby. It was a tremendous experience going on the road, five or six days a week, sometimes you have to put your priorities ahead of your love. That [wife and kid] is my major love right there. My second family is the family that you guys are all a part of and that's the Wrestle Pro family, the Create-A-Pro family, the independent wrestling family," he continued.

"I'm blessed to be part of an even better opportunity by a place that respects and shows appreciation, and that's AEW, for this family. You can say hi to Tony (Khan), I hope he's watching, thanks Tony. I know you're like, 'Hey, he's kissing butt,' but that's the real deal. How awesome is it that stars that wrestle and sweat here in what they call a rec centre, what they call the minor leagues, are getting chances to fill national arenas and show what they can do because they are good at this sport of professional wrestling? That's the company I want to be part of and I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure independent wrestling is represented to the proper ability."

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