Antonio Inoki Provides Update On His Health

The New Japan founder and WWE Hall of Famer has been through the wringer in recent years

Japanese professional wrestling legend Antonio Inoki has provided an update on his current health situation. 

The New Japan Pro-Wrestling founder has spent much of the last few years in the hospital for various ailments, including back issues, diabetes and amyloidosis (a buildup of abnormal amyloid proteins in the heart, lungs, kidneys or other organs). 

Despite his struggles, the WWE Hall of Famer is in surprisingly good condition, as revealed during an interview with Tokyo Sports

"As you can see, there's no way to fake it… I've almost died about four times, to the surprise of even the doctors, and yet I'm still alive like this", said Inoki. 

The interviewer noted that Inoki was looking well, to which the first-ever IWGP Champion expressed optimism. 

"You can't transmit energy unless you are really healthy, so I take care of myself every day. Hospitalisation? I've been in and out of the hospital for about three years now (laughs)".

The 79-year-old reportedly underwent emergency surgery for volvulus, a twisting of the intestines, last June. 

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