Pat McAfee Believes WWE Are Aware Of LA Knight's Immense Popularity

Pat McAfee thinks WWE know just how popular LA Knight is

Unless you’re a complete dummy, you’ll have realised that LA Knight is arguably the most popular act in all of WWE right now, with Knight topping the merchandise sales charts in the company in recent months - a metric not lost on WWE.

Despite his popularity, there are fears that WWE won’t fully capitalise and push Knight to the top, but according to Pat McAfee on the Pat McAfee Show, WWE are well aware of just how hot LA Knight is:

“The guy to watch right now is a guy that, as I left NXT in 2019. It was literally the next pay-per-view. I'm out after WarGames. As I left NXT to go off into nothing land, 'it's over, it's been fun,' that decision was made, it's not mine, but I do appreciate that it happened. LA Knight came back into NXT the next pay-per-view. I was watching, he cut a promo the next pay-per-view, right to the camera, and I'm like, 'Who is this guy? This is a guy that I would like to talk to.' Yeah!

“This guy, really entertaining. I finally get to meet him, he got called up to SmackDown, I got the chance to meet him. I'm like, 'Hey buddy, I'm a massive fan of yours.' Didn't really use him or anything. Then he was Max Dupri, which was something, certainly, but wasn't the whole LA Knight. Now that he's getting to be himself and kind of do everything he's done for his entire career, I'm incredibly happy for him. The pops he's getting whenever his music hits are f****** Attitude Era pops. WWE knows. They know that guy is...they hear the pop every time. Triple H, who I believe is running creative, I'm not behind the scenes and don't know what's going on over there, but I believe they hear them. They know. He's good. I told him numerous times how big of a fan I am of him. At that time, I don't think he was necessarily taking compliments as well because he wasn't able to do his thing. Now, I'm super pumped for him," said McAfee.

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