Pat McAfee Congratulates Adam Cole On AEW Debut In Profanity-Filled Rant

The two had a heated feud last year

Pat McAfee has congratulated former WWE NXT rival Adam Cole on the 'f*cking cool' moment that was his All Elite Wrestling debut...but reiterated how much he hates the guy.

Cole made his shock debut in AEW at All Out 2021 on Sunday, bringing an end to a four-year spell with WWE, during which time he led the Undisputed Era and became the longest reigning NXT Champion in the company's history.

Cole and McAfee went to war on a number of occasions in NXT, notably at NXT TakeOver 30 and in WarGames, and the former pro footballer is still full of disgust for the now ex-WWE guy. 

However, the SmackDown analyst couldn't help but be impressed with the reaction Cole got on his AEW debut.

Speaking on The Pat McAfee show, he said: "We are gonna talk about Bay Bay later, that was quite a big moment last night. You know, he's a piece of s**t, that guy. I mean congrats to him and that is a pretty big deal, but f**k that guy. I can't take this guy. You know dude, like he's a terrible scumbag as*hole. Can't say it enough, proved it again last night. 

"Just can't help it, it oozes from his body. You stand too close to him for too long he's like... when I had to, for 20-some minutes, first time, no crowd, no big deal. When I went out there, you're worried that the scum is gonna osmosis through.

"That was a pretty f*cking big moment. Now, with that being said, What a terrible guy, congrats though. It was really f*cking cool to see, and it was great to hear [does the "Adam Cole Bay Bay" pose] that f*cker was loud."

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