Pat McAfee Didn't Expect Backlash From ESPN Deal

Pat McAfee has addressed backlash from new ESPN deal

Pat McAfee is loving life at the moment, especially on the back of a new multi-million dollar deal to bring his Pat McAfee show over to ESPN in a massive move. McAfee, who is a favourite of many WWE fans due to his natural ability in the ring despite not being a professional wrestler and his brilliant stint as a SmackDown commentator, has received some backlash from his fans. 

Since the deal was announced, McAfee was accused of being a ‘sellout’ by select portions of his audience. He addressed this during a recent episode of the Pat McAfee show

"I think the reason why I did not expect it is because – it didn't even cross my mind. At this stage, and we're young, obviously, we're 20 years younger than pretty much everybody else that's on TV at this stage, so we are young, but I feel like our people were the ones that were most mad."

Fans of his WWE work may no longer have high hopes for his affiliation with the company, in which a gap seems to be broadening. He has made a couple of cameo appearances this year, but it looks as though his time at the commentary desk has permanently ended due to his other commitments. 

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