Pat McAfee Explains He Gave Genuine Reaction To Sasha Banks & Naomi Suspension Announcement

Pat McAfee has spoken about his reaction to the Sasha Banks and Naomi announcement on WWE SmackDown.

On last week's WWE SmackDown, Michael Cole announced that Sasha Banks and Naomi had been suspended indefinitely and stripped of their Women's Tag Team Championship. Many on social media noticed that Pat McAfee seemed genuinely surprised while sat alongside Cole at the announce table. 

McAfee has since spoken on his YouTube show about his reaction, revealing:

"The Sasha and Naomi thing, that was my first time hearing what Cole was saying live there. I have no idea what to think there. I have no clue. This is very fascinating. [Banks is] a superstar. They were our champions. I honestly have no idea what to believe in this whole thing. They keep me out of the loop with everything. I have no f***ing idea. While Cole was doing his thing, I was very fascinated.

"I wish I had more answers for people [...] As that was happening, I'm like, 'Oh, goddamn, suspended indefinitely.' We need [a resolution]."

H/T to F4WOnline

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