Paul Heyman 'Dealing In Facts' Amidst Speculation Around Brock Lesnar's WWE Return

Would Heyman align with Lesnar or Roman Reigns?

Paul Heyman believes Brock Lesnar will do 'what Brock Lesnar wants to do' amidst rumours of a return to WWE.

Lesnar has not been seen on WWE television since losing the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36 last year. The Beast's deal reportedly expired last year and, while he is yet to sign a new contract, rumours persist of talks between the promotion and the 44-year-old.

In Lesnar's absence, advocate Paul Heyman has aligned with Universal Champion Roman Reigns but would not rule out a potential return to WWE for his former associate.

Speaking to Alistair McGeorge of Metro, when asked who he would side with between Brock and Roman Reigns, Heyman said: "Well, that’s a hypothetical question and I deal in facts, not hypotheticals. My father used to say, 'If, if, if – if your aunt had balls, she’d be your uncle. She doesn’t, so she’s not.'

"Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do. If Brock Lesnar wants to return to WWE, he will. If Brock Lesnar wants to take the UFC Championship from Francis Ngannou, he will. If Brock Lesnar wants to join football and run circles around Neymar and Ronaldo and [David] Beckham, he will. If Brock Lesnar to get involved with rugby, he’ll smash every record of any rugby player in the history of the game – and he will. 

"Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do. So I’ll burn that bridge when I have to cross it."

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