Paul Heyman: There Is No Room for Deadwood In WWE NXT 2.0

Heyman is watching the brand extra closely

Paul Heyman has suggested that individuals in NXT 2.0 who don't have the capability of being a' superstar for tomorrow' in WWE will not be in the promotion very long.

NXT has undergone a rebrand with a return to a developmental-style system for the show, with the emphasis now on creating bigger names for the WWE main roster in the months and years to come.

Heyman is watching the show closely and know that there won't be much deadwood on NXT 2.0, because anyone not showing they have what it takes for WWE will be out of the company.

When asked who he is keeping his eyes on in NXT 20, Heyman told SportsKeeda Wrestling: "Every single person in NXT 2.0! If they don't earn their spot, if they don't earn their position, if they don't earn their place on the roster, they are gone. That's it. It's not happening. 

"There is not going to be a lot of deadwood in NXT 2.0. They are either going to be a superstar for tomorrow, or they can ply their trade elsewhere. So, I keep my eye on that entire roster because the future of WWE, the future WrestleMania main eventers, the superstar that will main event the first WrestleMania in Moscow, or Havana, or on the moon is coming out of NXT 2.0. So I keep a very close eye on that product."

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