Paul Heyman Wants ECW’s Fans In WWE Hall Of Fame

Could there be a riot on WWE’s hands if they don’t induct the E-C-Dub faithful?

ECW was a truly groundbreaking wrestling promotion in the mid 90s, offering an alternative to the ‘family friendly’ WWE and WCW which was lapped up by rabid fans. The fans themselves were an integral part of ECW’s success, buying into Paul Heyman’s twisted vision, and turning ECW live events into a rowdy - an often profane - spectacle.

Now Heyman wants to pay thanks to the ECW faithful on the biggest stage of them all; the WWE Hall of Fame.

Taking to Twitter, Heyman posted a gif. of the infamous One Night Stand crowd, and said the following:

“Let’s start talking about NEXT YEAR’s @WWE #HOF, shall we? I hereby nominate … The #ECW audience! If there was ever a worthy #HallOfFame induction … INDUCT or WE RIOT!”

Heyman has also recently shared his thoughts on the crowd at ECW One Night Stand 2006, who memorably showered WWE Champion John Cena with abuse and vitriol, with Heyman concluding that Cena 'loved every single micro moment of it'.

The ECW audience making it into the HOF is a long shot, and would certainly be ironic given the fans famously anti WWE stance in the 90s. But as the old adage goes; never say never.

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