Randy Orton Reveals His Wife Will Determine When He Retires From WWE

"Until then, I'm putting my trust in her, and I'm just going to enjoy what I do."

Randy Orton has revealed that his wife, Kim, has promised to tell him when the time has come for him to retire from WWE.

Orton has been a superstar with WWE for 20 years but, at 41-years-old, has shown no sign of slowing down. The multiple-time WWE Champion has had the second-most matches ever on WWE Raw, recording 422 as of last week, and is just 14 away from the record holder - Kane. 

The Viper, when discussing his potential retirement, says his biggest thing is avoiding becoming a parody of himself. He has entrusted the responsibility of telling him that is happening to his wife, Kim. 

When that day comes, Orton knows he will need to call it a day. 

Speaking to The Kurt Angle Show, Orton said: "My big thing, and my wife Kim has promised me, that if she looks at me and she thinks I'm becoming kind of a parody of myself or if I'm unable to do the things that the fans need to be able to physically see me do, in order for them to believe, you know, that an RKO still has as much sting as it once did. You know, if I can't do all those things, she has promised me that she is going to let me know that it's time to hang up the boots. 

"Until then, I'm putting my trust in her, and I'm just going to enjoy what I do because I got great kids. I got five wonderful children. I've got a beautiful home—a beautiful wife. Life is really good."

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