Paul Wight Describes His Final WWE Appearance As "Absolutely Horrendous"

Not a fond memory

Back at Raw Legends Night, Paul Wight made his final appearance in WWE. The then Big Show was one of the legends on the show and he appeared in a backstage segment with Randy Orton during which The Legend Killer tried to goad Wight into punching him. The six-time world champion then stood on the stage at the end of the night to watch the WWE Title match between Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee.

Wight has since signed with All Elite Wrestling and he discussed jumping ship on the latest edition of Talk Is Jericho. During the chat with his former tag team partner, Wight admitted he needed a restart and explained Raw Legends Night was "just the icing on the cake."

"I needed a restart after the last Raw that I did that was absolutely horrendous," Wight stated. "I was going through contract negotiations then so sometimes when you're going through contract negotiations with them they'll try to, lack of a better term, they'll try to make things a little bit more awkward, difficult or to prove a point. It's part of the psychology of the game, you know what I mean? 

"So they wanted Randy Orton to pie-face me into a chair which basically push me in the face and knock me down. And then I'm supposed to just sit there in the chair and take it. And I'm like, 'Well he's not gonna shove me on my ass.' No disrespect to Randy but Randy knows he couldn't do it if I didn't want him to. So, to do something accordingly, yeah, Randy can put his hand on my chest and I'll sit down because I'm not gonna fight Randy because he's trying to get in my head. You can always do that story even though it's the wrong story to tell with me. I mean, if Randy put his hands on me, in all seriousness, the giant should have knocked him the hell out in the hallway. That would have been good business. 

"But then to go to the ring and sit on the ramp or the stage with Hogan and Flair, Booker [T] was out there. A lot of hall of famers and legends. It's like they're really trying to shove me down the road because, yeah, they want to use my notoriety to do community work, to do overseas media, to do other stuff. They're taking my passion away from me. They were taking wrestling away from me. 

"And then to sit there on the ramp and then get called a has-been while I sit there and watch a match - it's just you talk so much about legends and respect for legends and respect for hall of famers, but like any time a hall of famer is around, they get run into the ground. That's one of those kind of things where that machine is always moving forward. It's about moving forward and any blood they can get out of whatever stone it is, they're gonna get that last drop until there's nothing left for anyone... For me, that was just the icing on the cake where I'm like, 'I need a restart. I need to rebrand myself.'"

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