Paul Wight: Hopefully My Character Will Be Less "Schizophrenic" In AEW

No more turns on a dime for Paul Wight it seems

During his WWE career, the amount of times Paul Wight turned heel and face became a running joke amongst fans.

Now enjoying a colour commentary role in AEW, Wight hopes he won’t turn so much in AEW, telling The Ring Report:

"If in some point in my career I could turn heel - I know that sounds crazy that I could turn heel...it just depends on the day of the week, I guess [Laughs]. Hopefully, my character won’t be quite so schizophrenic in AEW as he was in WWE where he changed every five minutes, but if I was a heel working with somebody like Darby Allin, he would just be a gift.”

With a wrestling career spanning the best part of 30 years, Wight is a fountain of knowledge for up-and-coming stars, and shares his wisdom with the AEW locker-room:

"It’s funny, one of the things I tell the younger guys and gals is, ‘When you’re alone doing stuff, whether you’re cleaning or doing laundry, driving down the road, or sitting on the couch; have matches with people in your head you might be working with someday,’” continued Wight “That’s one of the secrets to being a success later is having scenarios in your mind about people you want to work with. You have to be excited about the product, the talent. Having those matches in your head where one’s a heel and one’s a face, the spots that will happen, and the finishes are always good things to put in your mind so if you do end up in a program with someone, you already have an idea of what they do and you understand them and how to compliment yourself with them and tell a better story."

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