Paul Wight Teases In-Ring Return At AEW All In

Well, it IS going to be a big show...

AEW's Paul Wight is feeling much better after undergoing knee surgery last year. 

While the procedure left the 51-year-old wheelchair-bound for a couple of months, things are looking far rosier these days.

Giving a positive update on his current physical condition during a recent interview with DAZN, the former WWE Champion said: 

"It's amazing how difficult the knee is versus the hip. I think when I had my hips done, they came along a lot stronger, a lot faster. The knees are a lot more difficult. The rehab's a lot more intensive. The pain afterward is a lot more intensive. They told me that going into it, but I didn't believe them. But yeah, it's been pretty intense. I've got full range of motion. I have more range of motion with my fixed knee than I did with my knee before. I've got 136-degree flexion and I've got zero [degree] straightening, so I'm above average. My knee hasn't moved that good in 14 years".

Wight went on to imply that he (or an alter-ego of his) would be at Wembley for this Sunday's historic All In. 

"I would have to say if I was a betting person (because I'm not allowed to stooge), I'd say the odds are pretty good that I'll be here at Wembley," he said. 

He then added: 

"If I'm a gambling man, which I'm not, I would bet very strongly that there's a high, high probability that Captain Insano will probably make it to Wembley".

Wight has wrestled four matches since signing with AEW in February 2021. He has worked primarily as a broadcaster for Tony Khan's promotion. 

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