PCO Details Talks Over New IMPACT Wrestling Contract

PCO details what happened during IMPACT Wrestling contract talks

PCO is set to leave IMPACT Wrestling, with the two sides unable to come to terms on a new deal.

The former ROH World Champion had been part of the company since January 2022, after an earlier run in the early 2000s during the NWA: TNA years. During a conversation with Pat Laprade and Kevin Raphael on Les Anti-Pods de la Lutte, PCO revealed what happened during his failed contract talks:

“The company began approaching me in White Plains on the weekend of September 8 and 9. They said they wanted to re-sign me, that they wanted me to stay and all that, and that it was important for the company. I asked if they could increase my salary, and creatively speaking, if I could get more involved with my character.

“The next day, I thought we were going to agree on terms. It came close twice, then it drew on a bit. Then, I was told that we had to reach an agreement, at least on the phone, before Memphis, which was the 22nd or 23rd, in order to know how to book Memphis and Bound for Glory. On Saturday no news, no phone calls, radio silence in a sense. There are a lot of people around me in the locker room who have not been renewed yet and who finished on the 22nd. So I figured I wasn't going to stretch it until Bound For Glory, since my contract finishes on October 30th. I felt negotiations were tough so I decided to control how I was gonna leave.

“I think that's part of the negotiations too. When there’s radio silence after they tell you ‘we want you and we will sign you’. There’s like some kind of a war of nerves that is being played. Who will break first? If they show too much interest, they know you're going to ask for the moon, but if they show less, they think you're going to feel less important. The goal is to find the right balance,” said PCO.

PCO’s last televised match for IMPACT came as part of the Feast or Fired match at IMPACT 1000 night one.

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