Possible Explanation For 'That' Alexa Bliss Segment On WWE Raw Revealed

We're going back in time, apparently...

On this week's Raw, Alexa Bliss was set to host the second episode of 'A Moment of Bliss'. Just before the segment was set to air, we saw a man knock on her locker room door. Instead of saying 'just a minute, pal, I'm not quite ready yet,' Alexa didn't say a word, so the man entered her room.

Alexa was stood there with her top covering her particulars, shouting at the unnamed man to get out.

Now it's unclear whether this is one of Dave Meltzer's opinions, or if this is something he's been told by somebody behind the scenes in WWE, but we have some form of explanation for what went down involving Bliss on Raw. Here's what Dave had to say:

“They want to bring back this idea of God only knows what. It’s like old time, old time stuff.

“It’s like whatever, that stuff’s on regular TV shows all the time, too. It was an attempt to do something that was very awkward in execution, but it was an attempt to make things sexy. That’s all that was.”

So there we have it, and again, I feel it's important to note that we're not quite sure if that's an opinion from Dave or information he's been given from the inside, but WWE, bringing back flavours of The Attitude Era? What do you think?

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