Potential WWE Royal Rumble Spoiler Revealed

A potential spoiler for the WWE Royal Rumble

One of WWE's rising stars will seemingly be in action at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view on January 28 from San Antonio's Alamodome. 

Speaking on THE BREAKDOWN, Wade Clemons and Faze Sensei revealed that Logan Paul is attempting to be back in the ring in time for the Rumble. 

"Fair play, I would do the same thing that other guys don't and like almost a pay-to-win type thing because Conor [McGregor] has the money to do it and some other guys may not. But that's the game you play if you're a superstar and you have that kind of money, the same reason that Logan Paul has talked about. He's going to get stem cell therapy. We got an update on that. His MCL was the only thing that was torn. He didn't have a triple tear. He's going to try to wrestle in six weeks apparently. He's going to get stem cell stuff and that stuff is great. You have the money to do it, why the f*ck not?"

Paul suffered a torn meniscus in his Undisputed WWE Universal Title match with Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel on November 5. It was initially believed that Paul had also suffered a torn MCL and torn ACL but the injury wasn't as bad as first feared. 

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