Powerhouse Hobbs Knows He Will Eventually Be A Solo Act In AEW

AEW's Powerhouse Hobbs speaks about life after Team Taz.

AEW's Powerhouse Hobbs was recently a guest on the latest edition of the Wrestling Perspective podcast, and spoke about a number of topics - including the idea of going solo in the future.

The Team Taz member explained:

“There’s gonna be a point where I’m gonna have to step away on my own. I think what’s gonna come up for me is I’m just gonna have to show a whole new kick-ass, different style. You can tell I’m having fun in the ring, and when I got someone in a hold and I’m kicking the s*** out of them I’m having fun. I don’t know what that next step is gonna be. It’s just gonna happen.”

Hobbs began life in AEW as a babyface in 2020, but turned heel soon after upon joining Team Taz. He and stablemate Ricky Starks are currently embroiled in a feud with AEW World Tag Team Champions Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, as well as the alliance of Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland. 

H/T to Fightful.

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