Prince Ameen Talks Experiencing Racism In British Wrestling

He was once asked to dress more like the Taliban...

Since George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, protests against racism and police violence have erupted across the world. Numerous protests took place in the United Kingdom and questions have been asked about the nation's history with race.

Prince Ameen was a recent guest on Desert Island Graps with Tom Campbell and discussed racism in British Wrestling. Ameen explained he doesn't experience racism in wrestling any longer but noted he was subjected to it in the past. 

The Indian Dream revealed he was often called Ted during his early days in the business, which was a common name for BAME trainees. 

Ameen said: "When I first started, bear in mind this is early 2000s, so 2001, 2002, if you were a wrestler which wasn't white you would be referred to as Ted. It doesn't matter what your name was, you would be referred to as Ted. I presume, I don't know the exact origin, but I presume it's because Ted is like a teddy bear and you're a brown colour. That's kind of just a norm, I mean people used to say that without even realising the connotations of it. They're just, 'Oh that's Ted, oh how's it going Ted?' And me being as ignorant as I was, would acknowledge people when they said, 'Oh Ted, how's it going?' I'd be like 'Oh, I'm good thanks.' I had no idea what it meant at the time."

The former Defiant Wrestling star also noted that he was rarely billed as a babyface during his first 10 years in the business because of the previously prevalent ideal of "the blue-eyed babyface." 

Ameen acknowledged the situation has greatly improved throughout his career and he is glad younger wrestlers don't have to experience many of the things he did, such as being asked to dress more like the Taliban.

"I have stood up at times," Prince Ameen said. "I've had people say to me, 'You know, the headdress, the turban isn't working. Can you put on one of those things that like the Taliban wear which is like a tea cloth?' And I was absolutely outraged to the point where I'm like, 'That's not happening. So, if you want me on the show, you're gonna have me as Prince Ameen or less I'm not gonna be on the show.' And guess what? I wasn't on the show."

Check out Prince Ameen's full interview with Tom here

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