QUIZ: Every WCW World Heavyweight Champion

Name every WCW World Heavyweight Champion

Established in 1991 following WCW's separation from the National Wrestling Alliance, the WCW World Heavyweight Championship was one of the top titles in professional wrestling until it was dissolved in 2001, with WWE merging the belt with the WWE Championship to create the Undisputed WWE Title. WWE would then later revive the title in 2002 as the WWE World Heavyweight Championship until it was scrapped in 2013. 

The WCW World Heavyweight Title had many legendary reigns, but the belt also devolved into infamy during the latter years of WCW, particularly after Vince Russo was handed the booking pencil.

Prepare to delve into the archives of WCW and showcase your expertise by correctly naming the diverse array of competitors who have held the WCW World Heavyweight Title. 

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