Quiz: Name Every Classic WCW/WWE Cruiserweight Champion

Who’s that jumping out the sky? Go on, tell us

Whilst NXT’s Cruiserweight Championship is an often neglected and somewhat forgotten gem, the WCW version of the belt is forever etched into pro-wrestling history as an era defining championship.

First introduced in 1991 as the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship, it was the division’s relaunch in 1996 during the Monday Night Wars that helped WCW dominate the pro wrestling landscape, as Eric Bischoff got the hottest talents from Mexico, Japan, and the US indie scene to fire the crowd up before Hogan and co. came out later in the show to plod about a bit.

The division was so popular that it even led to the creation of WCW’s Cruiserweight Tag Titles, but they lasted about two minutes before WCW collapsed.

After WWE bought out WCW, the Cruiserweight title was one of the belts carried over to WWE, where it existed in various forms, until dying out with a whimper in 2007.

Seeing as today marks 23 years to the day since Juventud Guerrera started his third and final run with the belt (in WCW, wink wink), we thought ‘hey, why not show some love to the proper Cruiserweight title?’

You’ve got seven minutes to name all 79 Cruiserweight champions across WCW and WWE - including the 1991/1992 WCW Light Heavyweight Champions. No tag titles though, we’re not silly.

We’ve already given you one name because we’re nice, now go find the rest.

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