Quiz: Name Every PPV Opponent Of Rick Rude

The Ravishing One appeared on RAW IS WAR and Nitro on this day in 1997

Listen up all you sweathogs, today marks 24 years since ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude pulled off the impossible as he appeared on WWF RAW IS WAR and WCW Nitro on the very same night, after leaving the former in the wake of the Montreal Screwjob.

How did he do it? Was he some kind of Ravishing time-bender? Well no, RAW was taped, Nitro was live. Obviously.

Regardless, it was a moment that will never happen again, and will forever be remembered as a unique curiosity during wrestling’s hottest period.

But what of Rude himself? After a WWE career that never reached the heights it should have, Rude jumped ship to WCW in 1991 and subsequently became a three-time World Champion, before retiring from the ring in 1994 due to injury. Rude then jumped to ECW in 1997, then back to WWE (becoming a founding member of D-Generation X) and finally again to WCW, before his death in 1999.

One of the key members of The Heenan Family, and a mic-man for both DX and the NWO, Rude’s legacy was assured, and in 2017 he was finally inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

So now you’ve had a crash course in all things Rude, can you name all his PPV opponents across his runs with WWE and WCW?

You’ve got eight minutes to name all 49 opponents.

Now that is simply ravishing.

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