Quiz: Name Every WWE Survivor Series Sole Survivor

35 names in eight minutes - you can do it

It’s November, and that can only mean one thing… no not Thanksgiving… not Guy Fawkes night… no not Cultaholic’s own Jack Atkins' birthday, but the Survivor Series, WWE’s annual extravaganza and one of the historic ‘big five’ PPV events. 

Survivor Series' premise was simple; team captains establish multi-man teams and duke it out in elimination tag matches. And that was it really.

Through the years the nature of the PPV changed, such as the historic Deadly Game tournament in 1998 establishing a new WWE Champion, whilst modern Survivor Series events have stripped back the format to feature just one or two traditional Survivor Series elimination matches, usually in the name of that all important brand supremacy.

Despite not being as big a deal as it once was, fans of a certain age still get that nostalgic pang whenever Survivor Series crops up, and seeing as today is the anniversary of the 1995 Survivor Series, we thought “ahh perfect excuse for a quiz then ain’t it.”

So you’ve got eight minutes to name all 35 sole survivors from 1987 to 2019 (no love shown for Lana in 2020 I’m afraid).

Good luck, and remember only the strongest survive.

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