R-Truth Makes Return In Ruffles Segment At WWE Survivor Series

R-Truth back on WWE TV at Survivor Series

R-Truth is back on WWE TV!

Ruffles, the crisps brand in the United States, was the sponsor of WWE Survivor Series from Chicago, Illinois. The crisps were featured during Survivor Series in a backstage segment being eaten by Chelsea Green, Piper Niven, Otis, Akira Tozawa, and Maxxine Dupri.

An argument then broke out after Pretty Deadly asked for some crisps from Otis, who proceeded to claim they were chips. This argument went on for a little while before R-Truth appeared from behind a sofa and settled the debate, saying the items were neither crisps nor chips, they were Ruffles.

This was good enough for all involved and Akira Tozawa did the Ruffles shuffle with everybody else to bring the segment to a happy conclusion. 

Crisps, as they are called in the United Kingdom are named chips in the United States. Chips in the UK, meanwhile, are what Americans would call french fries but more thick and chunky. French fries are even a form of crisps in the UK from Walkers. 

Ruffles are a brand of crinkle-cut crisps in the United States from Frito-Lays. The crisps are known as Walkers Max Double Crunch in the UK and Ireland. 

R-Truth had been off WWE TV since he sustained a quad tear in November 2022. Truth suffered the injury during a botched flip dive in an NXT match with Grayson Waller. The match was stopped after the bad landing, with Grayson Waller being announced as the victor. 

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