R-Truth Proud Of His Legacy As The First Black NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion

Truth held the 10lbs of gold twice in TNA

R-Truth has done pretty much everything there is to do in the pro wrestling business. With a career spanning four decades, Truth has been part of the Attitude Era, wrestled at massive shows around the world, and held a bevy of titles.

Although younger fans will know Truth for his comedic run in WWE as the John Cena loving, confused stalwart of the 24/7 Division, Truth was also the first ever African-American NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, lifting the 10lbs of Gold twice whilst wrestling for TNA in the early-2000s as Ron 'The Truth' Killings.

Now, whilst promoting his latest track ‘Legacy’ Truth spoke to Wrestling Inc.’s Nick Hausman on his legacy, making specific mention of his time as NWA Champ:

“Legacy is a dish of my greatest, most memorable accomplishments, my most emotional times in my life throughout my career,” Truth described. “A lot of people look at us celebrities or Superstars as invincible, unstoppable, but we are human. Legacy is a lot of ups and downs for me. You get an inside peek of the mental, the emotional roller coaster R-Truth, Ron Killings is on. Legacy speaks of me being the first NWA champion, first Black person to hold that title.

“Legacy speaks on my adversities, my ups and downs throughout my career with relationships, personal problems, the passing of my siblings. Legacy deals with my life, hitting that brick wall of life all the time, back and forth to jail. Legacy is just a dish that I’m serving everybody. You’re gonna like it. You like to eat. I know everybody like to eat. It’s a dish that has a little bit of this, little bit of that that makes it scrumptious. You’ll like it when you eat it, but it’s just a dish I’m serving everybody, and you get a a good taste of who Ron Killings, aka WWE Superstar R-Truth, really is, what he’s like and what he’s all about.”

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