Randy Orton: Why 'Greatest Wrestling Match Ever' Is One Of My Favourites

"What a stressful position to be in, but this is one of my favourite matches I've ever had."

Randy Orton has admitted he and Edge felt the stress in putting on 'the greatest wrestling match ever' at WWE Backlash 2020, but the contest is one of his favourite ever. 

Orton and Edge were given the unenviable tagline for their rematch from WrestleMania 36 but were able to put on an excellent outing last June. 

Fans were concerned about the strapline WWE imposed on the two superstars but Orton believes he and Edge were able to put on a fantastic match in front of the NXT crowd in attendance.

Speaking on Steve Austin Broken Skull Sessions, Orton said: "What a stressful position to be in, but this is one of my favourite matches I've ever had. I'm very happy with this match. Not only because of the pandemic and it was a weird situation to be in, but I feel like you can never have 'the greatest wrestling match ever'. 

Given the shackles that we were put under, it was an uphill battle, we did everything we could to do our best and we had the NXT crowd too. To be able to feel that. Here's these guys, much younger than me, they're watching like, 'this is how it's done.' There was a sense of pride in that too. 

"Not only were we out there wrestling and working with no crowd and with the piped-in noise and the little bells and whistles, but we had that NXT crowd. It was like class. Let's show them how it's supposed to be done. We took our time and we got everything out of it. It's one of my favourite matches."

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