Raquel Gonzalez Hasn't Spoken To Kevin Nash About Comparisons In WWE

'Big Mami Cool' hasn't met 'Big Daddy Cool'

Raquel Gonzalez say she hasn't had the chance to talk to Kevin Nash about comparisons between them, but Shawn Michaels has told her and Dakota Kai how they remind him of when he teamed with 'Big Daddy Cool'. 

Gonzalez's size and stature has seen her affectionally referred to as 'Big Mami Cool', in reference to Diesel. Diesel - Nash - won the WWE Championship after quickly gaining popularity with the audience during his run as Shawn Michael's bodyguard.

While Gonzalez hasn't spoken to Nash, or even met him yet, The NXT Women's Champion has learned a lot about him and his dynamic from the Heartbreak Kid in NXT.

Speaking to Fightful, she said: "I haven't had an encounter with Kevin. We haven't seen him at NXT. I'm looking forward to that as well. I'm really excited to pick the brains of a lot of people who I haven't had the opportunity to speak with.

"Shawn (Michaels) has definitely been a big influence for us and he's definitely spoken to Dakota (Kai) and I about the similarities and how we remind him of his time with Kevin Nash as tag partners.

"It's really cool to take a step back and be like, 'Wow.' You grow up watching and you love it and you see it and you think, 'I can do that one day.' You're finally there and it's like, 'I'm doing it and I'm being compared to iconic legends and being put in the same conversations as these people.' It's mind blowing."

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