Raven Initially Didn't Accept That His Career Was A Success

Raven's disappointing WWE run had him questioning his accomplishments

Though he wrestled for and won titles in WWE, WCW, ECW and TNA, Raven has claimed that for a long time he considered his wrestling career a 'failure', due to his inability to win one specific piece of gold. 

Speaking with SOUNDSPHERE, Raven detailed how he didn't consider himself a success as he never held the WWE Title and that it took him speaking to a psychologist to rid him of that mindset. 

"You know, I had to spend time on a psychologist's couch to be happy, to accept the fact that my career was incredibly successful but I felt like it wasn't a success because I didn't get the WWF Title, you know what I mean? Because I wasn't used on — I didn't need the title but being used on top in WWE but… if anybody else had came to me and said, 'I've had this career' and it was the same career that I had, I would have said, man, what are you — that's so stupid. Why are you not satisfied? You should be more than satisfied. 

"But I held myself to a higher standard, you know, to a much higher standard than I held everybody else and I felt like, you know, even though when I got in the business, I thought if I tried it and I'm not successful, I won't be a failure because I tried. That's all that matters is to try. To me, that's all that matters but, then I hold myself to a different standard which I — after spending time on a psychologist's couch, I learned not to hold myself to a different standard because what it — it's just arrogant to be honest. It's just pretentious and arrogant to hold yourself to a higher standard but it's easy to fall into that trap though. It's just hard to get out of it".

The two-time ECW Heavyweight Champion wrestled for WWE between October of 2000 and January of 2003 (after a previous stint working there as manager Johnny Polo)

During his second run, he won the Hardcore Title a record 27 times, but found it difficult to progress up the card and was ultimately released.

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