Renee Paquette: I Hope We Get To See CM Punk Wrestle Again Someday

"Everyone just wants to see him get back out there. Tick Tock, brother."

Renee Paquette is hopeful that CM Punk will make a return to the wrestling ring in the future. 

Punk, who last wrestled in early 2014 with WWE, shocked the wrestling world by joining FOX Sports as an WWE analyst for WWE Backstage. At the time, the former WWE Champion said he was not interested in a return to the ring, but neither was he opposed to the idea. 

As host of WWE Backstage, Paquette believes you can't rule out the notion of Punk returning to wrestle again - whether it's for WWE, AEW, or any other company - and just things fans want to see 'The Straight Edged Superstar' step between the ropes again. 

Speaking to Wrestling Inc, Paquette said: "I think it’s just like anything else with WWE, you just never say never. We’ve seen people come back who none of us ever thought would return. I think Punk is somebody who falls under that category. End of the day, the guy is a wrestler. That’s who he is. I feel like in some capacity, I hope we get to see Punk wrestle someone someday.

“At this point, I don’t think anyone cares where it is. Everyone just wants to see him get back out there. Tick Tock, brother. Let’s go. There’s always going to be rumblings. The fact is people just want to see him back wrestling, and whatever way that happens, if it ever does, I think people would freak. I’ll freak."

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