Report: AEW Potentially Discussing Deal With Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan was backstage at AEW last night

There was an interesting name supposedly backstage at AEW Collision in Memphis, Tennessee last night, as free agent Sami Callihan was in attendance. At the start of October, Callihan’s five-year stint with IMPACT Wrestling came to an end, with him becoming a free agent. It wasn’t clear what was next for Callihan, but it could be AEW. reported that multiple sources had confirmed that Callihan was to be backstage at Collision, with it being to potentially discuss roles in the company going forwards. This could see the former IMPACT World Champion work in AEW in both on and off screen capacities as an in-ring talent and backstage. It isn’t clear as of yet how Callihan’s meeting went down in AEW. 

His close friend and former multi-time AEW World Champion Jon Moxley had previously spoken about Callihan joining the company. Callihan has previously wrestled in the likes of CZW, NXT, and more over the years, making him nearly a twenty year veteran in the business.

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Written by Andrew Kelly