Report: AEW Set To Complete Deal For Third Weekly Wrestling TV Show

AEW Are Reportedly Finalising A Deal For A Third Weekly Wrestling Show On TV

AEW currently boasts three hours of in-ring content, with Dynamite and Rampage airing every Wednesday and Friday. Recently, All Access was also announced, though this is more of a backstage look at the inner workings of AEW and the lives of the wrestlers who are on screen every week. According to a recent report, AEW fans should expect some more weekly content on the horizon. 

Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast has reported that AEW owner Tony Khan and Warner Bros Discovery are in the process of finalising a deal to air an extra hour of TV, on a show which many believe will be called AEW Collision, following a recent filing of a trademark. It isn’t yet known when an announcement will be made, but Zarian expects it to come within the next month or so. 

In addition to Rampage and Dynamite, AEW also hosts two YouTube shows - Dark and Dark: Elevation - but this additional hour seems as though it will be more to serve those higher up the card, whereas the YouTube shows are more for squash matches and lower card wrestlers

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Written by Andrew Kelly