Report: Backstage News On Piper Niven's WWE Name Change

Doudrop regained the Piper Niven name at the 2023 WWE Royal Rumble

One of the more welcome surprises of the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble was Doudrop coming out at the number 18 position… but this was not Doudrop, this was the return of Piper Niven.

This was a return to the Piper name after the Scottish bruiser was given the Doudrop moniker by Eva Marie on her main roster debut in 2021. Whilst the name change was a surprise to fans, a report from SportsMail claims the name change had been in the works for well over a month.

The report alleges that Niven was given the green light well in advance of the Rumble, with Niven herself revealing in August 2022 that she had discussed a name change with Triple H when he took over creative duties in the wake of Vince McMahon’s initial WWE exit.

The change from Doudrop to Piper Niven is the latest name change since Triple H took the reins in 2022, with Riddle becoming Matt Riddle once more, whilst Austin Theory also regained his first name.

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