Report: Backstage Notes On The Ending Of WWE Raw

The show appeared to end in peculiar circumstances...

In the closing segment of Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton locked himself inside Hell In A Cell ahead of his confrontation with Drew McIntyre on Sunday. The Viper then proceeded to recall his history inside the steel structure and said everyone he has faced was a legend, while The Scottish Psychopath has only created legendary moments. 

Orton wasn't allowed to finish his promo, though, as McIntyre interrupted him and marched to the ring. The Apex Predator goaded Drew from the safety of the cell, but the WWE Champion found a conveniently placed set of bolt cutters and broke the padlock. The show then suddenly went off the air before the two rivals could come to blows.

Some fans thought WWE may have run out of time since the segment ended so abruptly, but Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported the confrontation went off without a hitch. For an unknown reason, WWE planned for Raw to go off the air before the two men could brawl and the ending fans witnessed was approved by Vince McMahon. 

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