Report: Backstage Reaction To Vince McMahon's Planned WWE Return

Not a positive reaction within WWE to Vince McMahon's planned return

Only months after he resigned as WWE Chairman and CEO, Vince McMahon is reportedly planning to make a comeback to the company, having told people that he was badly advised by those close to him when he decided to exit WWE in July. 

McMahon departed the organisation amidst a sexual misconduct and hush money scandal, during which it was discovered that he had paid $14.6 million to multiple women to "suppress allegations of sexual misconduct and infidelity." McMahon made the payments himself but as they benefited WWE, they should have been recorded in the company's accounts. They weren't, though, and McMahon's exit was said to be hastened by investigations from the SEC and federal prosecutors into the payments. 

News of McMahon's planned WWE return did not receive a positive reaction from those within the company, according to Fightful Select, and many of the staff members and talents they spoke to did not want McMahon to come back as CEO and Chairman. 

Amongst those they heard from, a WWE talent called the report of McMahon's return "exhausting" and they hoped the Vince McMahon regime was a thing of the past, even though they had a positive relationship with the 77-year-old before his resignation. 

A longtime member of staff, meanwhile, noted that morale had increased tenfold since McMahon's exit and they don't think he will be back in the company, even if that is what WWE's majority shareholder ultimately wants. Another employee stated that McMahon's return "would do irreparable damage to the WWE brand" and they believe Vince's family will encourage him to stay retired. 

A higher-up within WWE mentioned the rising stock price and viewership since McMahon's retirement, before adding: "The reason he left, how business has done since then -- it'd be really selfish. But selfish activities are what led to him leaving in the first place."

A WWE official also found the timing of the report interesting, noting it was likely no accident that news of McMahon's possible return coincided with legal demands from sexual assault allegations being made public and the release of the new Vice documentary on the 77-year-old. 

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