Report: Batista Held Discussions With AEW

Could The Animal set foot in an AEW ring one day?

Ahead of last night’s AEW: Revolution PPV, all talk was about who AEW’s new ‘hall of fame worthy’ signing was going to be, before former NWA and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage made his debut at the event.

Beforehand, many names were thrown about by fans for who the signing could be, including Batista. According to Dave Meltzer on WOR, AEW and The Animal have indeed had talks at some point:

“I don’t think that it’s Dave Batista, but, I do know they’ve discussed it," Melzter said.

Batista has been critical of modern WWE, and with a successful career in Hollywood seemed to have put his in-ring career firmly behind him, with Batista ‘officially retiring’ after losing to Triple H at WrestleMania 35. But this is wrestling, and as the old saying goes ‘never say never’.

Again this is just speculation, but with the buzz AEW got ahead of Christian Cage joining the company, a move for Batista would surely generate more buzz if it were to occur.

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