Report: Charlotte Flair Taking A Break From WWE

She'll be having surgery in the near future...

On last night's episode of Monday Night Raw, Charlotte Flair was viciously attacked by Nia Jax. After The Queen was defeated by Asuka in a Raw Women's Championship match, The Facebreaker beat her down from behind and WWE later announced she suffered a suspected fractured collarbone in storyline. 

While Flair's injury may only be in kayfabe, Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio the 12-time women's champion will undergo surgery in the near future and won't be on TV for a while.

Meltzer said: "Charlotte Flair is having surgery and that's the deal as far as why they did what they did… I've asked a couple of people and nobody knows the time frame but she's definitely having surgery and that's what the storyline was to explain her being gone. I think SummerSlam, it was sorted of hinted to me they hope SummerSlam but that's not 100 percent either."

Meltzer noted some in WWE hope to have Flair back by SummerSlam but Alex McCarthy at talkSPORT noted his sources said there is a zero percent chance she will be back by August 23. Instead, Charlotte plans to take an extended break and return in the run-up to the Royal Rumble, but is open to coming back ahead of Survivor Series. 

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