Report: Details Of Paul Heyman Running WWE RAW In Absence Of Top Executives

Vince McMahon, Triple H and Kevin Dunn weren't involved in last night's show...

If you thought something felt unusual about WWE RAW last night that could be down to the very different setup behind the scenes.  According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Paul Heyman was running the show last in the absence of some notable backstage names.

Triple H is currently preparing for the premiere of NXT on USA and, as a result, was based in Orlando last night.  Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn were also absent from last night's TV show in Tennessee for as-yet unknown reasons.

WWE's Vice President of Global Television, Michael Mansury, filled in for Dunn on production duties whilst Heyman oversaw the creative. Last night's RAW featured some notable returns to TV for Demon Kane and Rusev and the bizarre "Who's The Baby Daddy" storyline featuring Ricochet and Mike and Maria Kanellis.

There's no word on whether Triple H, McMahon or Dunn will be present for SmackDown tonight either. Since Paul Heyman was running things last night could we see an Eric Bischoff-driven episode of WWE's blue brand tonight?

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