Report: Drew McIntyre Has Been Frustrated With WWE

Drew McIntyre reportedly isn't happy with WWE amidst poor communication and other factors

Drew McIntyre has been quite the talk of the professional wrestling world since WrestleMania 39 season, as reports of his contract running out led to a lot of speculation and reports on his future with WWE. Per another recent report from Fightful Select, it seems like McIntyre could well be frustrated with WWE right now. 

“There was said to have been frustration and several situations of not being on the same page with WWE. McIntyre, who is usually told about Draft plans ahead of time, was one of several left out of the loop until he was announced as a Raw talent on television. There have been several perceived miscommunications between Drew and the company over the past couple of years.”

The report went on to say how McIntyre has been hesitant to any “dramatic” creative changes unless it makes sense, with reports of pitches to turn him heel upon his return to TV. Despite his reported frustrations, it should also be noted that McIntyre was apparently banged up and working through injuries over the last couple months, though he persisted through them in order to put over Gunther and Sheamus at WrestleMania 39.

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Written by Andrew Kelly