Report: Edge Signing With AEW 'Not A For Sure Thing'

Edge's pro-wrestling future is currently up in the air.

The future of Edge is not certain, according to a new report. The 49-year-old wrestled the last match on his current WWE contract on last Friday's episode of SmackDown (where he beat Sheamus in the show's main event). Edge's WWE deal is set to expire at the end of September. 

Speaking on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that there are no guarantees the WWE Hall of Famer shows up in AEW. 

"There is something to the stories, you know that? They're [WWE] negotiating a deal and they have not agreed to terms on a deal. Edge got a great, great, great deal when he did the deal. Since then for the top guys, the salary has gone way, way up because of AEW, because WWE's business is up. A lot of reasons. I know people in WWE who think he's going to AEW. Obviously, legally he can't even talk to AEW until the end of September... As far as what he's gonna do, it's in play (AEW) but I doubt he's made a decision because you've got to wait it out and see what's going to happen. I know people who think he's going to AEW. I do not dismiss it but I'm also thinking he's been very, very loyal to WWE. There's the story of him going back and finishing his career with Christian...there's something to that too," Meltzer said. 

He later added: "I know people in WWE who think he's gonna end up in AEW but it's not like he's going there, it's a for sure thing or anything like that. He has an offer from WWE and I'm sure it's a great money offer. I'm sure he can get a great money offer from AEW... He's in play."

Edge himself released a video on X (formerly Twitter) yesterday, noting that he hasn't made any decisions about his future, as well as revealing he has a WWE contract extension sitting in his inbox.

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