Report: Former WWE Superstar Sarah Rowe Announces She's Pregnant

Happy times ahead for the Rowe family...

Yesterday, former WWE Superstar Sarah Rowe announced she was going to make a huge announcement about her future plans. Rowe wrote: "Everyone has been asking what's happening next in my life and I'm here to tell ya I have a HUGE announcement TOMORROW!! I'll let you know when @thewildandfreetv episode drops!!!"

Many wondered what the announcement would be as the former Riott Squad member recently said she was stepping away from wrestling and was looking into pursuing an MMA career. The news involved neither of those things, however, as Logan announced she was pregnant on the latest episode of The Wild and The Free TV

Sarah's husband WWE Superstar Erik tweeted soon after: "Sarah is pregnant!!!!! I’m gonna be a father!!!!"

Raymond and Sarah Rowe revealed they found out about the pregnancy five weeks ago and the episode of The Wild and The Free TV shows them telling the news to their families. Erik also talked about how hard it'll be being away from his wife during the pregnancy and after the baby is born, but it's ultimately what he has to do to provide for his family. 

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