Report: Hall Of Famer To Be On WWE Raw

A WWE Hall of Famer will be on Raw tomorrow

As many will have guessed following the events of the 2023 Night of Champions event, Trish Stratus’ match with Becky Lynch didn’t mark the end of her recent WWE comeback run. It looks as though this feud is set to continue, with the next chapter looking to be told as soon as Monday night per a report from PWInsider Elite, which stated;

“Trish Stratus is slated to be at Monday's Raw.”

At Night Of Champions, Trish Stratus was helped out by a shocking appearance from new main roster call-up Zoey Stark, who emerged from under the ring and attacked Becky Lynch, leaving her with what looked like a broken nose and a bloodied face which allowing Stratus to pick up the victory. This match marked the first time in four years that Stratus had competed in a singles match in WWE, though it doesn’t look like it will be the last. It was reported earlier this year that Stratus and Lynch were set for a match at SummerSlam, with this still seeming like the plan.

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Written by Andrew Kelly