Chris Jericho Hits Back At Criticism Of AEW Run

Chris Jericho hits back at criticism of him 'burying' younger talent

Chris Jericho has been one of the biggest and most featured names in AEW since day one, though he hasn’t been immune to criticism over the years. Jericho isn’t too pleased with some of the criticism though, particularly in regards to him not putting over younger talent. Jericho spoke in an interview with Joe Baiamonte of Sporf on the topic. 

“It’s funny when I get buried online for ‘burying’ the young guys, it’s like you really don’t understand what I’m doing and don’t even really watch the show because it’s been the exact opposite of that.”

He went on to discuss the Double or Nothing AEW World Championship featuring the ‘four pillars’ of AEW - MJF, Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin and Jungle Boy, all of whom have worked with Jericho in the past. 

“And I think we’ve done a great job in building these guys. To have four of them in the main event and to see how they’ve all flourished as talkers, because they can always wrestle but character and talking is the most important thing. So I really enjoy that side of it, to see those guys in that spot… That’s why I worked with Max for a year and why I’ve had Sammy with me pretty much since he came into the company, with the exception of a few months. Those guys were always earmarked to be stars. And Darby and Jungle Boy too, I worked with them the first few months of AEW’s existence and realised they were both amazing.”

Jericho has in fact put over several names in AEW such as Ricky Starks, Orange Cassidy and Jon Moxley, though when it comes to some of the names he mentioned, he did go over in programmes with MJF, Allin and Jungle Boy.

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Written by Andrew Kelly