Report: JBL Not Scheduled To Appear Regularly On WWE TV Following Raw Angle

JBL not hanging around on WWE TV following Raw angle

It’s not been long since JBL returned to WWE TV at the side of Baron Corbin, but it seems the WWE Hall of Famer is already done, following an angle between the two at the most recent edition of WWE Raw on February 6.

On Raw, JBL officially cut ties with Corbin with Bradshaw saying that Corbin is a clown ruining JBL’s legacy. JBL then said “you can't polish a turd” before walking off, and a report from PWInsider says that Bradshaw is not scheduled to appear regularly on WWE TV going forward.

JBL was paired with Corbin in October 2022, with Corbin dubbed ‘The Modern-Day Wrestling God’, and going on an undefeated streak. However, since the turn of the year, Corbin’s fortunes on screen have not been great, with Corbin lasting only seven seconds in the 2023 Royal Rumble.

What this means for Corbin’s character is anyone’s guess, with the former United States Champion having gone through several different gimmicks since his main roster call-up in 2016. Could a return of Sad Corbin be on the cards?

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