Report: Jimmy Uso Found Not Guilty Of DUI

He was arrested back in July...

Back in July, Jimmy Uso (real name Jonathan Fatu) was arrested in Florida for driving under the influence, as he had an unlawful blood-alcohol level.

The arresting officer, Jeremy Meeks, explained he observed Fatu swerving across the road and that he smelled of alcohol when he pulled him over. Meeks also added that Uso experienced difficulty opening his car door and getting out of the vehicle, such was the level of his intoxication.

During the same incident, Uso was fined for speeding as he was driving at 86 mph when the speed limit was 45 mph.

After consulting with his lawyer, the former SmackDown Tag Team champion opted for a jury trial. Yesterday, after deliberating for an hour, the Florida jury found Uso not guilty of DUI. No reason was given as to how they reached the verdict.

Fatu's lawyer gave a statement after the verdict, saying: "A cop can arrest you but they cannot convict you, and that's why we took it to the next level and plead not guilty and set out for a case trial."

This was the second time Uso has been arrested in 2019. Back in March, he and his wife WWE Superstar Naomi (real name Trinity Fatu) were pulled over for driving the wrong direction down a one-way street in Detroit, Michigan. Uso was later arrested for disorderly conduct and obstruction after he removed his t-shirt and squared up to the officer. Uso pleaded no contest at the time and paid $450 in fines.

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