Report: Keith Lee Getting New Theme Music

The latest song hasn't been well received...

The current rendition of Keith Lee's entrance theme may not be long for the world, based on a report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

According to Johnson, Lee traveled to New York on Thursday to record vocal tracks for a new theme song.

Throughout his NXT run, Lee used a CFO$ song called "Limitless", which was a popular and well-regarded track among fans. The popularity of it was made more evident when he switched to a more generic theme upon joining the Raw roster in August, to which fans expressed their displeasure.

Lee acknowledged the displeasure, telling fans that the situation was out of his hands, but that it would eventually be rectified. He had also commented that he wanted NXT's Josiah Williams (who has experience producing music for wrestlers) to help with a new song.

The reason for the change was due to issues between WWE and CFO$'s publisher. WWE was unhappy with the terms of the deal with the publisher, regarding the split of royalties. As such, WWE has since changed the theme songs of other talents who use CFO$ songs.

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