Damien Sandow & Alicia Fox Were Considered As Possible Members Of WWE's The New Day

Almost a very different faction...

During the original incarnation of The New Day, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E envisioned the group as a more militant faction who were unhappy with their positions in WWE. This version of the stable never truly came into existence, though, as they were pulled from WWE TV after their first promo together in July 2014 and later repackaged with a preacher gimmick. 

Lamenting on the split of The New Day on After The Bell, Big E revealed he, Woods and Kingston originally wanted to add more Superstars to the group and they considered Alicia Fox and Damien Sandow as possible members.

"Thinking back to 2014, we always thought we would be a group that was always trying to add more members," the former Intercontinental Champion said. "It's funny looking back, but I remember thinking like, oh Alicia Fox was someone we wanted to add because at the time she was doing the stuff with the tantrums. We had this idea, this was when we were the more militant New Day. That idea that was very quickly taken off TV… That was kind of the idea. 

"I remember we never talked to them about it either, but her and Sandow we thought would be a great addition. That was kind of the idea is just a group that would recruit and I think that would have been a lot of fun. I wish we got that incarnation of The New Day. As grateful as I am that it went the way it did, I'm also kind of intrigued to see what it would have been like for us to have gone that militant route."

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