Report: Longtime Backstage Figure Departs WWE

Another backstage name has departed WWE

A longtime backstage figure has departed WWE amidst rumours about their future with the company.

After joining WWE in May 2008, Dr. Chris Amann has officially departed the company. Despite rumours suggesting that WWE had let Amann go, a report from PWInsider suggests that Amann tended his notice some time ago, and officially retired from his position in WWE sometime this month.

Whilst working for WWE, Amann helped implement the company's Wellness Policy and sports-medicine programme, but he will be more famous to many wrestling fans due to his lawsuit against CM Punk and Colt Cabana.

After Punk made allegations about Amann’s conduct in his infamous appearance on Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Podcast in 2014, Amann later unsuccessfully sued the pair for defamation.

Amann’s exit comes amidst rumours of Kevin Dunn’s exit from WWE, and although these were later quashed, such high-profile exits are due to be speculated upon for some time due to the new WWE regime following Vince McMahon's retirement this summer.

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